ZTLment Partnership

28 May 2024 • Press & Media

ZTLment Partnership

ifthenpay is pleased to announce a new partnership with ZTLment, a Fintech specialized in automated payments (payouts) based on specific events or conditions (if x happens, money is sent - x can correspond to the trigger they want) and split payments.

ZTLment Partnership
This partnership allows merchants to integrate a digital wallet powered by ZTLment, providing flexibility in payment management and improving operational efficiency. The partnership enables companies to scale their payments operations as they grow, supporting future expansion and adapting to changing needs.

With this partnership, ZTLment customers can integrate the Ifthenpay payment gateway into their online sales and Ifthenpay customers can, if they wish, receive their funds in the ZTLment digital wallet to make payments to their suppliers in an intelligent way (based on at events).

More information about ZTLment at https://ztlment.com (antonio@ztlment.com).

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